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5 Amazing Modules to
Speed up Your Retouching

Basic Retouch Panel
Module 1

Basic Retouch

Basic retouch is about retouching areas of your image that need some repairing or fixing some parts of the background, skin or face. For example, you can remove spots that are distracting. Using frequency separation, you can dig deeper and correct tonality problems and make precise skin repairs.

RAW Duplicate, Rough Retouch and Frequency Separation

Fine Retouch Panel
Module 2

Fine Retouch

The Fine Retouch module contains 4 sections (Skin, Eyes, Mouth and Hair). Each section contains several retouching techniques like Dodge & Burn, Skin Soften, Highlight Eyes, Soft Lips, Adjust Hair Color and many more. Every technique creates layers in Photoshop that you can edit or customize in a non-destructive way.

Skin soften, Dodge and burn (gray), Dodge and burn (curves), Skin tone (red remover), Skin tone (brown), Highlight Eyes, Eye color, Add Makeup, Whiten teeth, Soft lips, Glossy lips, Hair volume, Adjust hair color and Paint hair.

Look Panel
Module 3


Give your photos a romantic black & white, golden or stylish matte look with our 11 built-in looks. You can easily customize each look by changing the adjustment layers.

Glow (bright, normal), Cross effect (pastel, purple and blue), Black & White (soft, normal and hard), matte, gold and violet.

Give it a Try!
Module 4


When your photo is completed and you are satisfied with your results, you can run "Check Layers" to finally check certain areas of your photo.

Once applied, it creates different adjustment layers that highlights areas of your photo that need attention and some retouching adjustments like shadows or different skin tones etc.

You can also sharpen your photo to finalize it!

Check Layers (Levels, Saturation, Tone values, Mirrored) and Sharpen.

Finish Panel
Export Panel
Module 5


When you are finished, Beauty Retouch CC helps exporting your files into 4 different sizes (Thumbnail, Web, Print and Before-After) with 3 different formats (JPG, PNG and TIFF). You can also choose to save your photo(s) into the original image folder and into a custom folder of your choice.

"Before and After" is a special feature of our export module. With just one click, you can automatically create a "before and after" image by using the actual layers of your photo. Your original image will be placed above (or beside your photo) and your finished end result is underneath (or beside your photo). Whether your photo is in landscape or portrait mode, the panel detects it automatically and creates a before and after image for you.

JPG / TIFF / PNG, Thumbnail / Web / Print and Before-After, with two different locations

Make Beautiful photos faster

With Beauty Retouch CC, you save more than 30% of your retouching time unlike traditional methods.

What Photographers Say

We love our customers as much as they love our panels. Here are some of the great photographers who work with Beauty Retouch CC everyday.

Jurek Gralak
Way of Art, Swiss

“It’s a huge enrichment for people who do not want to memorize all the techniques or just want to save time.”

LIBRE Fotografie
Bonn, Germany

“All major beauty retouching techniques are available and divided into clear sections. EXCELLENT!”

Manfred Baumann
Vienna, Austria

“Thank you for this helpful, amazing tool. It helps getting to my goal faster.”

Marcel Hotze
Siebzehn Grad Fieber, Germany

“I save so much time, in spite of my own actions. The individual techniques are applied clean and perfect and work perfectly.”

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Customer Artwork

Let's see some amazing work done by our customers
who love working with Beauty Retouch CC.

  • Photo by LIBRE Fotografie
  • Photo by LIBRE Fotografie
  • Photo by Calvin Hollywood
  • Photo by Martin Kühn

All Features & Techniques

RAW Duplicate

Creates a duplicate of your RAW-image and renames it accordingly.

Rough Retouch

Creates assistant layers to help repair skin problems and to clean disturbing areas of your photo.

Frequency Separation

Use Frequency Separation in Photoshop For Basic Skin Retouching.

Skin Soften

Technique to soften skin without destroying skin pores.

Dodge & Burn (gray)

Use to lighten or darken parts.

Dodge & Burn (curves)

Same as Dodge & Burn but with curves.

Skin Tone

Reduces typical parts of red skin.

Highlight Eyes

Strength and sharpens the eyes.

Eye Color

Color the eyes easy with a brush line.

Add Makeup

Draw makeup on the eyes easily with the brush.

Whiten Teeth

Reduces yellow color on teeth.

Soft Lips

Soften lips.

Glossy Lips

Shiny and glamorous lips.

Hair Volume

Get dynamic and volume into the hair.

Adjust Hair Color

Technique to equalize different colors in the hair.

Paint Hair

With this technique, you can paint hair onto your model.


Glow puts a glow effect over parts of your photo. You can choose between light and normal.

Cross Effects

Of course we do not miss cross-color looks. You can choose between: : pastel, purple and blue.

Black & White

You can choose between a few classic black and white looks: soft, normal and hard


This is a much-asked look and works well with our panel.


Create a special mood with the gold look.


For a romantic look, choose our violet look.

Check Layers

When your photo is completed and you are satisfied with the results, you can run "Check Layers" to finally check certain areas of your photo.


Finish up by sharpening a few areas of your photo.

Export Thumbnail

Automatically save a thumbnail-sized photo of your photo for your blog or other distribution.

Export Web Format

Here you can automatically get a web-sized version of your photo, ideal for your Facebook profile, blog or website.

Export Print Format

Automatically create a photo in print-quality.

Before-After Generator

You can create a before-after-photo with just one click for your Facebook-profile or your website.

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How-To Videos

Let's show you how incredible easy it is to retouch a photo with
Beauty Retouch CC and how the workflow optimizes your work.

More coming soon ...
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All you need is Photoshop

Both Beauty Retouch CC as well as ExportMaster CC, our Pro Tool for exporting files, work perfectly with Photoshop CC 2020 and 2019.

With the latest Photoshop CC versions, our panels are able to take you further in your creativity and help you to a better workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Beauty Retouch CC suitable?

Beauty Retouch CC is a Photoshop panel that helps novice and intermediate photographers and retouchers optimize their retouching workflow and create better results.

Which Photoshop versions and operating systems are supported?

Beauty Retouch CC supports all Photoshop CC versions (CC 2020 and 2019) but does not work with Photoshop CS6 or older.

What are the differences / advantages compared to Photoshop actions?

Actions in Photoshop are great to record repetitive tasks, but are not particular intelligent. They work great on your individual computer system, but typically have problems when you transfer them to another computer. Beauty Retouch CC on the other hand, works on systems no matter what computer language settings you have. We created Beauty Retouch CC with not only actions but scripts within a Photoshop panel to be more flexible.

I have more questions.

Feel free to write us at We are looking forward to answering your questions.

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